Mary says…

Mary quite often lived her life and expressed herself through slogans, quips, messages, memes and anything that expressed how she felt and who she was inside. Without a doubt one of the finest child, adult, loving parent and force of purpose souls that ever existed. Hope these inspire and explain.

Transition Day 2020

Three years ago, today, you said your last words, I love you. Thank you. What a blessing you gave me. From beginning to end, we stayed the course. Your bravery, courage, love, stamina, and many more accolades than cannot be written in such a short space, are the truest examples of the Power of Purpose. You lived it as you created it, full of fun and laughter. Your happiness will be remembered in many, many ways.

Star Dust to all!

I have begun to collaborate with some incredible CFers in the US. Both are transplants. Both beautiful people, full of life, and passion. You would really love them.

I met Isabel through a CF grievance group I joined. That was an incredible experience. Eight weekly Zoom calls with several parents of CFers, twin sister of CFer, best friend and CFer herself, and the wife of a CFer. One of the biggest outtakes for me was the agreement that hospice care is essential to CFers, and the world in general.

Walking each other home
Father’s Love
Mother’s Love
Mary’s Desire
Mary’s Wish
Looking TaDa. Ready to try on the gowns
Always Daddy’s Delight
Opa Love
Best Friend Love – Pankaj flew in for Mary’s last day
Mary’s Passion to Life
Making every moment TaDa!

Three Years Missing You

Hi Mary;

It has been three long years since you arrived at RDU in a wheel chair. So much has happened.

This picture is something I manifested in my head, to see a baby fawn at your memorial. This happened a couple of days back. I was so fortunate to get a picture taken through the screened-in porch where we spent time together.

I think it is so fitting that the mother and fawn were together, like you and Clara. I know you are near. Love you as big as I can reach.

TaDa Updates

With the pandemic, things have changed a lot, quickly. Most of the world is in a stay-at-home status. On the upside, more and more people are working from home and creating a new normal paradigm.

I have been working on expanding Mary’s & Clara’s legacy. Along with the creation of the Mary Boleyn Hospice Foundation Inc and the TaDa logo, I have had the TaDa Song – A Song About Starting All Over Again accepted by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as a bonus track on the Fall Risk Musical CD.

Here are some of what has been completed by today.


Here is the original song recording,

Here is a story board used to convey the feeling of the song.

TaDa Song Storyboard Verse One