Christmas Decorations with Mary Boleyn

Mary loved the entire idea of a holiday season. Her love of celebration always took on an even greater energy force of purpose for Christmas time.

So today, we decorated her memorial with tree decorations made by the same Cricket Forge that created her memorial.

Sometimes I miss you more than I can bear. I turn around to see if you’re not there. Love you this much. As big as I can reach and more.

Happy Birthday Mary Boleyn 2019

Mary loved her birthdays. The celebrations began early in the morning. Numerous times she gathered friends to a party. Her passion for life and celebrating every day was infectious to many. Her example of purpose went far beyond her years. It came from a deep perception of her CF journey that was unique, honorable, and an example to follow.

Believe in Yourself

Mary Boleyn Bookmark

This is the book and bookmark that Mary had when she arrived Jul 16, 2017, in Durham, NC. A number of pages were highlighted, dogeared, and annotated. Mary never gave up on learning more about herself and life. What a great reminder. Thank you, sweetie.

Seven More Sleeps Mary, until…

You loved the Fall. It reminded you of your birthday coming up. When you were young, we would put up birthday decorations for you, Miranda, and Michael near Miranda’s Oct 8th, I think, and leave them up until Dec 27 for Michaels. His was a month after yours on November 27th.

Love you this……………much. As big as I can reach.

Fun Facts About Mary

Did you know Mary loved to eat at Mongolian Grill? It is a restaurant where you load up a bowl with a selection of meat and veggies and toppings. Then you take that to a cook who puts in on a giant circular grill and mixes it over the heat until perfectly created.

Mary loved to pile it as high with meat as she could because she wanted to eat as many calories as possible to help offset her CF. Her entire life, she had a strong purpose to care for herself. Not an easy feat when you know the outcome in advance.

Mary was courageous beyond the average person. She kept her goals mostly to herself. She would let everyone know when she wanted something when ready. A very loving spirit her entire life.

Miss you sometimes more than I can bear.